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vypr vpn

February 14, 2015
by Kevin Cook

China’s Annoying VPN Crackdown (and Why I Use Vypr VPN)

As if censorship wasn’t enough trouble, China’s government is adding even more bricks to the Great Firewall by specifically targeting VPN providers. Many of my friends have voiced that their VPNs haven’t been working properly, if at all. But while I keep hearing about VPN issues from friends and in articles I’ve read online, I’m still able to access all my favorite websites without a problem. This wouldn’t be possible without Vypr VPN. Continue Reading →


January 25, 2015
by Kevin Cook

(VIDEO) China 2014 – Extra Footage!

2014 was a year spent almost entirely in China. I traveled to 11 cities in five provinces in the PRC and filmed way more footage than was necessary. This video is just some of those extra shots compiled in no particular order, just for fun. Enjoy the randomness. Continue Reading →

cool panda

December 20, 2014
by Kevin Cook

I’m Bigger in China

The contextually ambiguous title is actually based on the number of views my videos receive in China compared to the west. A single video of mine, shared to Chinese social media and on Chinese video streaming websites like, and, received more total views in one day than all of my videos on YouTube combined. Chinese people like my stuff more than westerners, it seems. Continue Reading →

Chinese dumplings

December 7, 2014
by Kevin Cook

(VIDEO) 4 Best Chinese Dumplings

Dumplings are a central part of Chinese cuisine. Typically a dumpling consists of ground meat or vegetable filling wrapped up in a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is sealed shut by a dextrous pinch of the fingers. But that’s not to say that all dumplings are the same. Join me as I sample the 4 best types of Chinese dumplings served here in Shanghai. Continue Reading →


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