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(VIDEO) 20 Dollar Traveling! Hangzhou for 20 Dollars a Day

May 17, 2016 by Kevin Cook | 14 Comments

Is it possible to travel in Hangzhou 杭州 for 20 dollars a day – including breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation, and transportation? Thanks to the help of my local consultant, 高峻 (Neo), I was able to see a lot of the city, eat so much delicious food, and even get a haircut and shave, ALL for 20 dollars (130 RMB)! Continue Reading →

foreigners who speak chinese

May 7, 2016
by Kevin Cook

(VIDEO) Can you 说中文?This Video is for You

Are you a 外国人 who can speak Chinese? Or a 中国人 who can speak English? This 视频 is for you! [Update: 5/16/16] On the Monkey Abroad Facebook page, this video has more than 250k views, mostly from students who are studying Chinese, it seems. Great support from folks who can appreciate the humor of the video!
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20 Dollar Travel

April 19, 2016
by Kevin Cook

20 Dollar Traveling! Video Series: 2016 Schedule

Holy Cow! 我的天啊!It seems like this 20 Dollar Travel video series might actually work out! The pilot episode of 20 Dollar Traveling (Shanghai) was relatively popular, especially in China. In fact, lots of opportunities have suddenly emerged after the video went viral on Chinese social media, which makes me very excited for what’s ahead. Anyway, check out this post to view a preliminary schedule for the upcoming series. Continue Reading →

shanghai travel

April 5, 2016
by Kevin Cook

(VIDEO) 20 Dollar Traveling! Shanghai for 20 Dollars a Day

Is it possible to travel in Shanghai for 20 dollars a day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation, transportation, and everything in between? Watch this video and I’ll show you how far you can go with only 20 bucks (130 RMB)! Continue Reading →

don't speak chinese

April 3, 2016
by Kevin Cook

Live in China but Don’t Speak Chinese? Here’s How to Fix That

If you live in China (or plan to live in China) but don’t speak Chinese, this article is for you. Although it’s technically possible to spend a long time in China without ever learning to speak or read 中文, your life here will be waaay more difficult that way. In about a year, I was able to go from knowing virtually nothing about this complex language to being able to converse in basic Chinese and read over 800 characters. Here’s how you can, too: Continue Reading →


March 28, 2016
by Kevin Cook

My Plan to Travel the World (with 20 Dollars a Day)

You’ve saved umpteen thousand dollars, have no debt, and the contract with your current employer ends in July. From here, you can either A) accept a position in a new job and continue saving money or B) use that money to travel the world indefinitely. Well folks, if I were you, I’d choose option B. And by “if I were you,” I mean I am you. Continue Reading →


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