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WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Updates, New Projects, New VIDEOS!


It’s been AGES since I posted on my website. I’ve been so busy recently with other big projects and maintaining my primary platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) that I’ve been slacking BIG TIME on my blog. Here’s a long overdue update on my recent goings on.

— Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day —

Since the Nanjing episode in March, I uploaded two new installments of the series to YouTube, both with very different styles. The first video was a controversial story of roof-topping and frugal dining in Shanghai with Mark Harrison. You can CLICK HERE to watch the Shanghai Rooftops video.

rooftopping in shanghai

Click the image to watch the video

In May, the Guiyang government—who just to happens to be a client of my Shanghai employer—commissioned a few bloggers to come visit and encourage more international tourism. When I got the call for a free trip to Guiyang in exchange for filming an episode of Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day, I knew it would be a win-win for the client and me. CLICK HERE to watch the Guiyang video.

guiyang china

Click the image to watch the video

— A Viral Sensation —

My friend and former colleague Jayme, a foreigner whose Chinese is comparable to that of any native speaker, helped me film a video that became an instant viral sensation earlier this year. Both in China and abroad, this video EXPLODED and became the most popular video ever uploaded to my YouTube channel.

In the video, we walked the streets of Shanghai and quizzed Chinese locals on their Chinese language abilities. The idea for this video was hilarious, a little rude, and a HIT on the internet. You can CLICK HERE to watch it.

foreigner test chinese language

Click the image to watch the video

— Oh My Guilin! —

In June, I was contacted by Raven (the girl from the Nanjing video) because one of her government clients was also in the market for international promotion. But this time, they had their own idea in mind: Oh My Guilin, a travel show hosted by Adan Kohnhorst, an incredible artist and musician, and me.

For a week, we traveled Guilin and did basically EVERYTHING a tourist could do there. It poured rain every day, it was hectic, but damn, it was FUN. I’ve embedded the second episode of the Oh My Guilin series for you to see here:

A full crew was always present to film our whole trip in Guilin, producing a multi-part series that’s now being shared on the Go Guilin Facebook page. More episodes will be out soon, so subscribe to their Facebook page to receive updates.

While it was super busy, I did find some time here and there to film my own personal content that I edited and uploaded to YouTube. You can watch MY VLOG of the trip to Guilin by CLICKING HERE.

guilin travel video

Click the image to watch the video

— My First Shoot with Insider TV —

The summer became even busier when Insider TV, a company which I had been in talks with for months, finally set a date for a shoot in Shanghai. The plan was for me to host a “Shanghai Foodie” promotional video that would air in hotels and airplanes all over Asia. Essentially, MY JOB WAS TO EAT NONSTOP all over the city, with cuisine ranging from lowly street food all way up to Michelin Star fine dining. Raven hosted with me, and my girlfriend Tina even made a cameo!

shanghai tourism

My girlfriend making a cameo during the final scene for the Insider TV Shanghai Tourism shoot

I’ve embedded the Insider TV Shanghai Foodie video for you to see here:

— Hosting a Travel Series in Hawaii —

Just a few weeks ago, I traveled to Hawaii. I wasn’t here for vacation, but for work, hosting an educational travel series called “Buzz Around Hawaii” for a Chinese app called Tomato English.

We did just about everything a tourist in Hawaii could dream of, and I was so busy hosting the series that I just didn’t have the time or energy to film for myself. But luckily, the producers graciously agreed to share some of the footage from this trip and I edited it to create a video list of my 10 favorite things that we did while in beautiful Hawaii.

I’ve embedded the video for you to watch here:

The Tomato English app is promoted by me in this video, but you probably aren’t the target audience for the promotion. That’s because the users of the Tomato English app are non-native English speakers in China.

Besides growing my Youtube and Facebook platforms, I’m also focused on building a presence in Chinese social media platforms that you’ve likely never heard of, and the promotions mentioned at the end of the video are primarily targeted for my Chinese audience on these platforms.

The manager of my Chinese social media accounts, Weiwei—the girl who joined Raven and me in the Nanjing video—is hard at work adding Chinese subtitles to this video, which will be shared later this week to Chinese platforms, which brings me to my next major project…

— The Birth of (Legitimate) Monkey Abroad in China —

monkey abroad china

At the beginning of the year, when I first met Raven, we discussed the possibility of building a legitimate presence for Monkey Abroad on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat.

In fact, I’d already earned a name for myself on many Chinese platforms, but NONE of them were actually managed by me. My content was being shared (and still is) by third party media giants in China, so I had no control of the Chinese subtitles that were being published on my own videos, and there was no way to monetize them.

Now, we’re hard at work building a REAL Monkey Abroad presence in China, and it’s taking time, but we’re making it happen. Special thanks to Weiwei and Raven, my Chinese Monkey Abroad team, who are managing these platforms under my guidance.

— Conclusion —

2017 has been a wildly busy year, so I’m happy to finally sit down and give you all my excuses for why I’ve been too busy to make new content.

If you’ve read this far, I know you’re one of the few who truly cares not just about Monkey Abroad and its content, but about ME, and for that, I want to say THANK YOU. If you’re a real fan of Monkey Abroad and prefer to see my authentic travel content and less of the sponsored content that I’ve been putting out lately, you can encourage more production by supporting my videos on Patreon.

Monkey abroad patreon

Click the photo to visit my Patreon page and become an official Monkey (it’s only $1)!

You can support Monkey Abroad by contributing $1 USD per video posted (not including sponsored videos). In return, I WILL PUT YOUR NAME IN THE CREDITS of the videos I produce entirely by myself as a way to say THANK YOU.

— Questions, Comments, Concerns? —

Leave a comment below and ask anything you want, or even just say hello! I know it’s been a while so I’m looking forward to hearing from you. And I promise to respond in a polite way, unless you say something rude like this guy:

asshat comment

To comments like this, my response will be something along the lines of: Wanna know why you hate me? Because you choose to sit on your ass and complain, while I choose to follow my dreams 🙂

Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. Great to see what you have been up to! Only thinking on Wednesday when I was re watching some of your great videos on youtube, that had not seen a update for a bit. All the best. Stay safe

  2. The rooftops scare me! I did like the views!

    • Hey Aunt Eunice, don’t be afraid of the rooftops! In reality, it’s much more dangerous to do everyday things, like driving a motorcycle around a busy city–something I do every day–and I haven’t been hurt (YET)!
      Thanks for reading! 🙂


      • Yes I agree on the motorcycle danger so be careful! Just don’t get so close to the edges! But that’s the way you live so I’ll try to enjoy your travels from my chair!

  3. Excited to see all the stuff you’re doing! The Monkey Abroad brand is exploding!

    • Thanks, Colin! I just checked out your website and looks like you’re offering up some unique advice and tools for folks like me. Keep up the blogging man, maybe one day we’ll cross paths!


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