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The Hots for Asian Girls?


Growing up in the States, I just wasn’t particularly attracted to Asian girls. Growing up in a sea of peachy-skinned, freckly faced caucasian girls for most of my whitewashed adolescence, my senses naturally attuned to ladies with the western aesthetic. That all changed when I moved to Asia.

Asian girls… They’re everywhere!

Even as drooling infants, we can process faces. I believe our sensitivity to perceive facial aesthetics is relative to the people we come into contact with most often. As a young boy, I could hardly tell the difference between Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee because I rarely saw Asian faces.

Only about 5% of the U.S. population is of Asian ancestry. In Asia, that number increases to like 124%. Naturally, when I migrated from one extreme to the other, my sensitivity to Asian facial aesthetics heightened—particularly for the ladies.

Hot Asian Girl

Today, the number of women in China almost doubles the total combined population of the United States. Imagine: 640 million little Chinese girls talking loudly, all at once, in Mandarin. That sight would be amazing and probably very terrifying. But I digress.

It takes a certain amount of exposure to a foreign race to appreciate its beauty, I think. These days, when I make eye contact with an Asian girl, I know immediately whether I think she’s hot or not. Prior to my journey East, my brain’s shallow, depraved beauty filtration system was limited almost exclusively to white girls.

asian girls


If the fantasy of being with an Asian girl takes precedence over being with a girl you’re truly compatible with, then you’ve got “yellow fever.” That’s a fetish, not a genuine attraction, because you’re probably infatuated with the idea of the girl instead of who she really is.

It’s important to recognize the difference between “yellow fever” and genuine attraction. Claiming to be exclusively attracted to a girl because of her race is absurd and unfair, so don’t be that guy.

As a result of my migrating to Asia, I can now honestly say that I’m as attracted to Asian girls as I am to white girls. Is it just some late-onset Asian fetish? A brief phase of my young adulthood? No. I believe that my life in the far East has simply awakened an appreciation for oriental beauty that was once lain dormant.

Author: Kevin Cook

I post stories, videos, advice and photos about living abroad in China. I also eat bananas.


  1. This would make Julie Chin very happy

  2. Racist and sexist in equal measure – an article on the beauty of Asian women can do without adolescent references to ‘yellow fever’ and how you have to ‘train’ your eye to see the differences from one woman to the next. You describe them as interesting objects rather than people. Seriously, if you’re that interested in other cultures give them the respect they deserve. If I were you I’d remove this article before you’re vilified publicly for it.

  3. It is not I who should lighten up, it is you who should wisen up. Your site came up in an internet search when I was researching ESL/EFL teaching, I was enjoying your irreverent take on the subject until I stumbled upon this article. Given this is a public site perhaps you need to rethink what you post. I was offended by this and I’m sure many others would be too. If you think responding to criticism with another prejudiced statement like “maybe you should write a blog about feminism where you can rant anonymously” – which implies that all feminist bloggers are anonymous “ranters” (a term that generally has negative connotations) – is a sensible way of conducting yourself as a writer then you’re even more deluded and misguided as this article. Anyway, I’m sure you’re a well-meaning person and the article was posted in ignorance of the potential it had for offence. Do yourself a favour and take it down. Next time it might be someone else who reads this … your next language school, perhaps?

    • C,

      I wasn’t very attracted to Asian girls before, and now I am. It’s honest writing and I don’t care who reads it. That’s why I posted it on the internet.

      I don’t propagate “yellow fever” in this post, I explain that it’s a fetish, and it isn’t healthy. Did you read the whole article?

      If you don’t want to take my advice and start your own blog, maybe you should get a job working for the Chinese internet police. They’re really good at censoring stuff they don’t agree with.

      Lighten up,


  4. Hi, I’m a woman and I’m Asian and I don’t see in anyway how this article could be offensive to Asian women anywhere. It only conveys your thoughts and I can respect that. Take care, Kev.

  5. Kevin,

    I enjoy reading your post. Keep it up. I am Asian and live in the States most of my life and dated many white girls since high school. Of course there are many Asian girls in H.S. and University but I had no attraction to them. In recent years, I went home (Asia) to visit my parent’s families. Many unknown people came to the airport to meet us. One pretty girl keep looking at me…but they were all family members so I thought. The next day I found out that she’s my cousin’s best friend. Well…I can honestly say I don’t know what really came over me. I immediately fell for her. To my surprised she did the same. I had no interest in Asian girls and she had no interest in guys who lives across the other side of the world. Believe it or not, we were engaged 5 days after she came to pick us up at the airport. We got married two years later and now we have two beauty children. I asked myself what changed my view..I am still asking myself that same question today.

  6. You should learn to appreciate the qualities of the Asian man also, small, smooth alabaster bum, smooth hairless body and tight little ass. Gay heaven!

  7. Kevin, I respect the fact that you wrote your thoughts on this blog without fear of being judged.
    I was taught to appreciate girls without discrimination, and I’ve been recently dating an Asian one (I’m black, African). We are living in an interesting era, where this current generation truly learns to interact with different cultures, and dating is a natural part of it. In a few decades, it will appear ludicrous that we put so much thought into what interracial dating means.

  8. Oh certainly WIlliam! No discrimination Kevin, I’m an Asian dude. You won’t be disappointed in me ! 😛

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