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Cebu, Philippines: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Ep 15


We visit Cebu City, Philippines and have a full day of adventure riding jeepneys, exploring the Basilica Complex of Santo Nino, and visiting Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Mango Square, Mactan, and many other spots. We also ate a ton of delicious Filipino food, including “pungko pungko,” and I got to experience the famous Larsian BBQ near Mango Square. With the help of my friend and guide, Paul, I saw so much of Cebu City in one day with only 20 bucks!

How I spent my money in one whole day exploring Cebu City:

[$20 USD = ~1,000 PHP]

Hostel – 388 pesos
Fried bananas – 12 pesos
3 Jeepney rides @ 7 pesos each = 21 pesos
Fort San Pedro entrance fee – 30 pesos
Ferry ride to Mactan – 13 pesos
Lunch – 90 pesos
Bottle of rum – 50 pesos
Pungko Pungko snack – 16 pesos
Tricycle ride – 10 pesos
2 bags of water @ 1 peso each = 2 pesos
Larsian BBQ extravaganza – 323 pesos
San Miguel beer – 35 pesos

TOTAL = 1,000 pesos

Where I stayed: Tr3ats Hostel

This hostel has an excellent location, close to Mango Square, and it’s very affordable for budget travelers. Also, given the poverty in Cebu City, I felt very safe at this hostel and would recommend it to both families and solo travelers alike.

cebu cebu cebu

Click here to book a room at Tr3ats hostel and make your stay in Cebu as comfortable as mine 🙂

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