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Chinese Seafood Marketplace in Sanya (VIDEO)


In November, as part of a project for our client the Sanya Government, I traveled to far southern China to the sunny city of Sanya to interview Miss World Pageant contestants. While there, we filmed the contestant interviews to use as content on the Sanya Facebook page. It was exciting to meet the girls and talk to them for a short while, but what was even more exciting was that my company let me borrow the camera crew to film my own project! This seafood market video is what I made just for you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Seafood Feast for Adventurous Eaters

The seafood we ate was as diverse as it was interesting. Most of the creatures we ate, I’d never even seen before! It was an unforgettable seafood feast that I recommend anyone try in your next visit to China. But prepare yourself; some of the critters are quite intense for unadventurous eaters!

Miss World Pageant

Author: Kevin Cook

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  1. Love the huge selection of fresh seafood and being able to choose what you want to eat and then cooked right there! Amazing!

  2. Wow! We loved this one.

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