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  1. Good for you, Kevin! Website looks great. Go for it.

  2. This is awesome bro! I’m very proud, and kind of envious too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Pleased to see you are using those creative talents again Kevman. Began years ago with Bubble Boy. Still have most of them. I sent you link to Jennifer. She promises to “grade on the curve”!

  4. Kev! Your blog entries are so entertaining of course! I didnt know u had such a writing talent. And some of those monkeyzillas are cracking me up. I will be back to read some more!

  5. Inspiring brother Kev,
    I highly look forward to following your amazing experice. That sounds like something right up my alley endeavors haha. I wish you safety and great opportunity! You have a lot to offer over there man!

    – Monkey Brother Scotty

  6. Hi Kevin, This is Debi and Clint Meyer, your eye doc.
    Congratulations on your Thailand adventure, your dad came in yesterday and was telling us about it, sounds so cool.
    have fun.
    all the best.
    from us and staff at Dallas Eyeworks.

  7. Will definitely look I into it! I am looking for serious life change.. That seems perf. When do u start teaching?

  8. Awesome man! I’m highly considering getting involved with this next spring, once I graduate. Do u have an idea how much it costed you up until you get our first paycheck? How’d the first day with the new classroom go?

  9. Yeah I’ll get my first paycheck June 13th. That’s exactly 2 months after my arrival. Plan on needing about 1k per month if you’re coming to Thailand. That’ll give you plenty of breathing room if you’re frugal. Save money. I suggest bringing at least 3k, AFTER your initial expenses (plane ticket, any training courses, etc.). I suggest looking into the American TESOL Institute. I had an incredible experience in it’s training program here in Thailand.

  10. Cool, so will you be earning enough to live comfortably off of once the paychecks start coming in?

    • Yeah – I’m making 30k baht/month ($1k USD). If you come to Thailand, that’s a typical starting salary for foreign english teachers. Where I live, that’s plenty of money to live comfortably. In other parts of Thailand it’s a little more expensive. It all depends on how frugal you are. Beer is what you have to look out for – food is incredibly cheap, but 1 beer costs as much as a meal here. It adds up.

  11. Would this be possible without a college degree?

  12. Love reading about your experiences and proud of you. I told my students about you, and they think it’s cool. You know that’s saying something!

  13. I’m from north Dallas as well and am considering teaching somewhere in Asia after I graduate. I’m a freshman so I got a while to think about it. I have no idea how I ended up on your website at 2AM when I have to be up in 3 hours, but I’m going to bookmark it and check back often because it’s so interesting!

  14. You mentioned you made about $1K a month in Thailand, and that more than covered your ongoing basic costs (presumably, you were able to build up funds to cover the cost of traveling on to China). That was Thailand. What about China? Are the financial details about the same there? Are you making enough to cover costs, and build a little nest egg to cover the cost of moving on to your next stop?

    Second, what about fun? Other than teaching and blog building, what kind of fun things can you afford to do? You mentioned in a post about Thailand, that beer was an expense you generally sought to avoid.

    Finally, in your blog, you post plenty of cool pics of local scenes, people and attractions. And you provide interesting general narrative. But what about a local social net? Have you found it possible to establish connections with some other english speaking people, to give you some genuine, in-person social interactions? If not, what prevents you from feeling like a lonely nomad? I’ve done some solo traveling to foreign countries, while the autonomy was great, I also found myself grubbing for other english speaking people to converse with.

  15. While I know you are earning money teaching in China, I assume you earn is a decent amount. (though out of courtesy, I will not ask how much you are making)

    Nevertheless, trying to figure out how to send money from China to USA. I think at some point, we will be leaving China and its unlikely we could stay as more permanent residents.

    Do you have any experience with sending money from China to USA into your US bank account? Not to mention I find the process of sending money in person at the bank to be tedious and dependent on the bank. I also try paypal transfer via online banking yet I am limited.

    If you have any experience, what do you suggest?

    • Try PayPal or opening another account then sending that card to someone you trust at home then transferring money to that card

  16. Really great blog. It seems you are immersing yourself quite nicely. I was teaching in rural China for 2 years and then came back as teaching was not really a professional goal, but let me tell you, I’ve been back for a year and not a day goes by without thinking about my life back there. My students still contact me on QQ after 3 years with life advice. I know it doesn’t pay like an American job (my first Chinese job paid 2400RMB) or provide the professional development, but the life experience was second to none. It probably will end up saving you money as you come back here and realize that living “light” is much more enjoyable.

    Besides the memories, I definitely recommend really getting into the language. That is a great skill to bring back. Good luck with everything and keep livin’!!

  17. Thanks very much Kevin.
    I am a Vietnamese teaching students who wants to learn English, to speak English in a confident way.This article may help me with the first class.

  18. Hi,Kevin. IM Micheal, After watching that little vedio about travelling shanghai with $20. IM so interested in the thing you’re doing. And IM an employee of a passenger ship company now. I think I will follow your thought someday.

  19. Hi! I just recently moved to China, teaching English and I stumbled across your blog. Amazing blog by the way. I like the living in a country for $20 a day. If I can make some suggestions you should go to India, Ghana, Indonesia, Panama, S.Korea, Brazil, Poland and Jamaica just to name a few countries.

  20. Hey dude seriously u should check out here: No bullshit u r very ๅ‡บๅ now in China for those ไบบ watch ur video through BILIBILI .You gotta start a channel on BILIBILI like ่€็พŽ็Ž‹้œธ่ƒ†(a American dude) andๆ‹‚่ปๅŠ (a British dude ) Dont let this opportunity slid man,u got the chance to get to know Chinese people!๏ปฟ

  21. My suggestion is just like the guy upon me. I highly recommend you to start an channel on bilibili or weibo or sth, because your videos is very popular in China, lots of people watch them.

  22. Otherwise, May I ask , are you work in China or study in China?

  23. Hey buddy

    Great blog – came across on Youtube and been perusing some of your posts for the last hour or so. Can particularly relate to life in a smaller Chinese city, and the subsequent ‘itchy feet’ to get out into a mainstream ‘bigger city’. I’ve spent the last 5 months in Zhoushan, around 3 hours south east of Shanghai. A beautiful place but 6 months is about as long as you’d like to stay (my gig here finishes in a few weeks). I’d actually spent the 6 months prior to this in Shanghai doing the rounds teaching but decided on the move just to switch things up. After a month back in the UK I plan to return with Chengdu my most likely destination (heard succession of good things from various people). I’m curious to know what your Chinese level is now after 2.5/3 years (?) out here? Always good to get some perspective on what’s possible within a 2-3 year period.

    Keep up the good work – i’ll keep an eye on future posts!


    • Hey Jasper,

      About a year ago I took the HSK3 exam here in China (the official Chinese proficiency exam, level 3) and I got a 90%. But that was after 10 months of language tutoring. There are HSK levels 1-6, so I’m right in the middle.

      I strongly suggest you get a tutor if you want to see some real improvement. In my opinion, that was the most helpful portion of my studying.

      Hope this helps!


  24. Hey Kevin

    Found you site and it’s pretty cool
    I’ve been in Guangzhou eight months and it’s cool but this language centre life is not the life for me haha

    You’ve inspired me and I’ll keep watching


    • Thanks so much for reaching out and letting me know! And I agree about the language centers: public schools are a little better for teaching abroad, in my opinion.

  25. Hey Kevin,

    I’ve been following you for sometimes. I like sharing things with people, the foods, the experiences, the opinions, etc. It is awesome that you made a Facebook page and then a website. So cool!

    I am a Chinese studying abroad. And when I talk with my foreign friends sometimes they only have some general idea about China. I take them to Chinese res., cook Chinese foods for them, celebrate CNY together, etc. I tag them on the comment of your video sometimes.

    Honestly, the 20 dollars traveling is amazing hahaha.

    Love you and going to support you from another side of the internet!!!

    Wish you best!

  26. Love your blog posts and videos. Inspirational, informative and highly entertaining. You certainly embrace everything about what it means to live abroad.

  27. Love your videos, especially your latest one. I live in Shanghai, I will have to find the rooftops you did (not the ones you got busted in) to get some good photography, love photographing in Shanghai!


  28. Love your $20 Travel Vids. I would hope to see a Laos episode

  29. how can i connect Raven??? i love her…..i wanna make fxxxxx with her…..sorre ,make friend……lol……

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