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El Nido, Palawan: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Ep 16


El Nido is a town in the northern tip of Palawan famous for its stunningly gorgeous beaches. While I certainly do enjoy my time at the beach here, I want to go off the beaten path and share a different part of Filipino culture: cock fighting. I’m invited to attend some cock fights — it was free, I didn’t bet, and I DON’T SUPPORT COCKFIGHTING.While it is popular for tourists to take one of the four major tours in El Nido (tour A, B, C, or D), I couldn’t include them as part of this video because they each cost about 25-40 dollars apiece. So this video is totally different from your average El Nido vlog.

On the day I shot this video, I had to TRY to spend money since most of the things I usually pay for were given to me, so I made up for it by buying a round of beers at the end of the night. Watch and enjoy!


This video was merely intended to show you that this sport exists and that it’s an important part of Filipino culture. I didn’t pay to enter the arena, and I DID NOT BET. According to my research, these roosters are animals that are bred to fight and later eaten as meat (as shown in the video). Their deaths are quick, and their remains are consumed rather than wasted.

How I spent my money in El Nido in one day:

($20 USD = ~1,000 PHP)

Hostel bed – 500 pesos
Breakfast – FREE (included with hostel)
Bunch of bananas – 20 pesos
Tricycle ride – 100 pesos
Fresh coconut – 50 pesos
Lunch – FREE
Balut – 20 pesos
Dinner – FREE
Round of beers – 225 pesos

TOTAL COST – 915 pesos ($18.95)

Where I stayed: Amos Hostel

This is pretty much the coolest hostel in El Nido, and it’s definitely the best deal you’re going to find. Not only does the 500 pesos for a dorm room include free breakfast, but almost every other hostel I saw was advertising its rates for at least double that price. What’s more, the staff here were so friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend you stay at Amos Hostel if you visit El Nido on a budget.

el nido

The entrance to the Amos hostel, about a ten-minute walk to the beach.

el nido

The breakfast at El Nido hostel is included as part of the room charge. I love a quality free breakfast – ESPECIALLY one with a banana included!

el nido

The dormitory at the Amos Hostel – 500 pesos for a bed (including breakfast)

Click here to book a room at Amos Hostel

Website –

Address: National Highway, Barangay Corong-Corong, 5313 El Nido, Philippines

Phone: +63 999 472 8512

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  1. Kevin: We look forward to your videos. Love them. You are our adventurer!

  2. You are gorgeous!

  3. Doubt if i could enjoy el nido that way lol. it’s terribly expensive compared to the rest of Palawan.. or the rest of the Philippines for that matter. Main reason why i thought Coron was better. you get the same sights and you can really do so much more with 20 bucks a day— including a tour! anyway, great blog man, just discovered it while searching for reviews of Mad Monkey 🙂

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