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Funny Thai Sign

Funny Thai Signs Written in English


Funny Thai signs brighten any dull day. I respect any native who tries their hand at writing English signs, but to our amusement, they’ll likely just end up making a funny Thai sign.

The only thing better than when Thais speak English is when Thais write English. Not only do the Thai and English languages contrast structurally, but they’re stylistically different as well. Thais use totally different adjectives than we do to describe everything. When applied to writing, these huge language differences makes for hilarious English reading material.

Funny Thai Sign Gallery


Funny Thai Sign

Uh-oh. We’d better not parking here.


Funny Thai Sign

Dial this telephone number if you want “Kum On” you


Funny Thai Sign

This isn’t a sign, but it’s on the cover of one of my student’s notebooks.


Funny Thai Sign

Damn, brought my foam guitar for nothing!


Funny Thai Sign

I love milk?


Squat toilet

Do NOT stand on the toilet.


Funny Thai Sign

No caption necessary.


Funny Thai Sign

Do you want me to recycle the cum or trash it?


Funny Thai Sign

You are apologies accepted.


A few of these photos were submitted to me courtesy of my friends Julie Giordano and Jessenia Rose Chapman. Thank you both!

Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. Haa I will always miss my cheese too! 😛 at least the Kumon one isn’t a botched translation.. It’s a after school tutoring program. We have them in the States too 🙂

  2. Oh my god this was so funny!!! Nice job beeg!

  3. when thai people says they love milk.

    It usually means that they love boobs.

    • Yes, I know. It’s a reputable company and its name is in no way shape or form in miswritten English. I just really, really like the name. And the odd, indifferent face logo they picked.

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