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Hong Kong: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Ep 17


Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in Asia, but is it possible to travel in HK with 20 dollars a day? In fact, there are two methods for traveling HK with 20 USD (155 HKD). In this video I show you how it’s done!

First method to travel HK with 20 bucks:
Book a hostel and buy an egg sandwich at 7/11.

Second method to travel HK with 20 bucks:
MAKE A FRIEND, sleep on their couch, have 20 bucks left over do actually do stuff for the whole day (the method I chose).

How I spent my day traveling in Hong Kong:

Star Ferry ride – 3.4 HKD
Subway ride – 4.5 HKD
Breakfast – 25 HKD
Lunch – 35 HKD
Subway ride – 13.5 HKD
Hiking Victoria Peak – FREE
Sports drink – 19.5 HKD
Dinner – 55 HKD
Accommodation – FREE (friend’s couch)

TOTAL – 155.9 HKD ($20.10)

A message to all the doubters/naysayers:

People claim I’m a cheater for sleeping on a friend’s couch for this video, similar to how they said I cheated in the Taipei video. But the bottom line is that it’s definitely not cheating because anyone can do what I did.

There’s a website called It’s free, tens of millions of people use it, and you can contact strangers in advance and stay at their place without cost.

Couchsurfing is the only legitimate travel method for visiting Hong Kong while keeping it under 20 bucks. Period. Sure, you could book a hostel, but if you play within the rules of 20 Dollar Traveling, you’ll basically have to fast for the rest of the day. That would make for a boring, uneventful video, and that’s not what I want to show you.

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Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. Great video!!

  2. Wow. Great. I appreciate your work. One thing I would like to ask is how many times you fell ill. Because of the road side food. Where it was?

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