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Pua Rice Field

Leaving My Thailand Home: Pua Nan


For four months, I’ve lived in Pua Nan, a rural town encapsulated in the lush mountains of northern Thailand. 700 kilometers north of Bangkok, it’s a quiet hideaway untainted by the rapidly expanding influence of the western world.

I became a member of the community, developed a routine and immersed myself just like any local. Making a living in this small town has been a soul-refreshing intercultural experience for me.

This week, I’m saying goodbye to all of my Thai students for the last time. In two days, I will leave Pua Nan, Thailand to begin a new adventure abroad.

My time here has changed me in so many positive ways. I will never forget Pua Nan, Thailand. Words alone can’t properly convey the serenity of this place, so I took a few photos to capture the town’s vibe.

Pua Rice Field

Rice fields.

Pua Rice Field

More rice fields.

Pua Rice Field

Even more rice fields.

Pua Main Road

The main road.

Pua motorbike

A man rides his motorbike.

Pua workers

Workers unload bamboo from their truck.

Rooster in temple

My alarm clock, next to his girlfriend.

Pua horse

A curious horse.

Pua kitten

A tiny kitten rests on the ground.

Pua cow

This lonely cow watches me exercise every day.

Pua hut

A bamboo hut on the edge of a cliff.

Doi Phuka National Park

Doi Phuka National Park, the outskirts of town.

While I will miss Pua’s beautiful mountain ranges, serene farmlands and amiable townsfolk, I’m excited to move on from the tiny town lifestyle. It’d be a great place to someday settle down with a Thai wife, but for a 20-something guy like me, it’s too secluded from the nightlife and excitement of the city.

I’m going to Bangkok in a couple of days to take care of visas, then I’ll be off to start a new life in the next place. Soon I’ll post more information about my upcoming travel plans, and I hope you join me in the next chapter of Monkey Abroad.

Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. You hooked me! But where?

  2. Bon Voyage. I’ve enjoyed learning about Pua Nan. Beautiful photos.

  3. I am looking forward to your new destination. I have enjoyed Thailand thru your eyes.

  4. Hope your new destination brings as much joy and enrichment as Pau Nan has. This has been a fun ride!

  5. Wow bud, 4 months went by fast ! Any idea where your headed next? R you doing the same teaching program?

    • It definitely did go by fast. Yes I have all my ducks in a row for the next step of the journey. I’ll post a story about it soon Scotty don’t you worry. Hope you’re doing well man.

  6. Yeah, where are you heading?? I think about Thailand every day! I can not WAIT to get there next Fall. 🙂

  7. Just accepted the opportunity to teach in Pua Nan. I have yourself to thank for this, with some great help. Some excellent photos here! All the best in Bangkok, will be sure to follow the next stage of your journey.

  8. I love all the pictures. They are beautiful.

  9. Any recommendations on companies to go with for someone looking to teach in Thailand without a TESOL/TEFL but a years experience in Taiwan?

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