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This page is dedicated to sharing my original comic strip, MONKEYZILLA—After all, this blog is called MONKEY Abroad

Working for The University Daily Kansan in college, I wrote, illustrated and published the original comic strip MONKEYZILLA. Monkeyzilla is an extraordinarily fit gorilla in a bizarre world rife with puns and utter nonsense.

These comics have nothing to do with living or traveling abroad. They’re just comics that I’d like to share with everybody who likes my blog. All comics (except for a couple) have been previously published. Read with a light heart and enjoy 🙂

Birds-Eye View

Bachelor's Degree

Cartridge Family

Club Sandwich

Caped Cod


AlcoholStock MarketCopy CatCougarCartoon Counseling

Crossword Puzzle

Doug Funny

Gary "The Gorge" Goat

Bachelor's Degree

Black Eyed PeasHamburger HelperHomework DueLifting WeightsTeach me how to DougieKill TimeMade from ScratchMassage in a BottleLarry the Bull

Kansas University

This one is dedicated to my fellow KU alumni.

Banana DealerHammered DrunkSocial LifeHealth foodM Z WentworthMake a Toast Morning WoodPeewee's Playhouse Whisk TakerBusy WorkSeal of ApprovalRoyal HIGHnessUnderground Sea Monkey FightsScoobie Doobie Doo

Monkey's Uncle

Safety in Numbers

Stuffed PeppersSketchy




Suck UpAnt Shirley Life in the Fasting Lane Are You Afraid of the Bark?

4:20buzzin'Teaching an Old Dog a New Trick Valentines DayWhipped Butter

Cat Call

The following comics were rejected for publication by The University Daily Kansan for obscenity

P.N. McGee

Gorilla Sign Language


  1. Awesome stuff cuz. Good luck in Thailand!!!

  2. oh i just read them all ~ cool stuff and nice sense of humour

  3. So humorous! hahaha~~

  4. Haha these are really good!! 😀

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