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blue-collar chinese workers

Photos of Blue-Collar Chinese Workers


In the nation where ancient history collides head-on with rapid modernization, China’s younger generation is starting to shun blue-collar employment in favor of more appealing office jobs. Lucky for China, the older generation still doesn’t seem to mind getting its hands dirty. Check out these photos of blue-collar Chinese workers (and some farm animals).

blue-collar chinese workersA woman sells Chinese red dates. She stuffed a bag full of over a hundred dates, weighed it out, then sold it to me for only 20 yuan ($3.28).


blue-collar chinese workersAn old woman sits in the cold, selling vegetables.


blue-collar chinese workersA woman sells freshly prepared tsong you bing (fried Chinese pancake with scallions). It’s outrageously delicious, and it only costs 1 yuan ($0.16) per pancake.


blue-collar chinese workersA woman stands next to her roosters-for-sale.


blue-collar chinese workersA vendor sells sweet potatoes fresh out of his portable coal fire oven on a busy street corner.


blue-collar chinese workersAn elderly woman smiles at a nearby friend.


blue-collar chinese workersA vendor stands in a cozy shack selling griddle-cooked sandwiches and Chinese sausages.


blue-collar chinese workersA man snacks, waiting for shoppers to come along and buy his caged chickens and roosters.


blue-collar chinese workersA woman smiles as the sun shines in her eyes.


blue-collar chinese workersChinese clam farmers sift through mud to collect their day’s harvest.


blue-collar chinese workersA woman sits, hoping to sell her fresh oranges and mushrooms to passersby.


blue-collar chinese workersA man sits next to his cart in the cold.


blue-collar chinese workersA smiling woman sells fresh seafood.


blue-collar chinese workersA woman stands next to her cookware in an outdoor food stall. Click here to watch this woman cooking Chinese dumpling soup.


blue-collar chinese workersAn encaged duck quacks angrily at passersby.


blue-collar chinese workersA man smiles for the camera.

Author: Kevin Cook

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  1. I always really admire these people. It’s so cold now, and yet they stand for hours selling food outside for such cheap prices. The other profession in China that blows my mind is street cleaning. I’ve gone for runs at 5:30am and there are people sweeping the streets in the dark. I can’t help but admire them and wonder when they start work and how long they sweep for.

  2. Really cool photos!

  3. Nice pictures. Guess you don’t ever have to cook for yourself.

  4. Love it when you post pictures Of the locals. It gives us a sense of the real people!

  5. the captions look mundane but strikingly meaningful

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