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Siem Reap: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Ep 10


In our TENTH episode, we visit Siem Reap, Cambodia, home of the famous Angkor Wat! We get a room in a Siem Reap hostel, hire a Khmer guide to show us around, visit a lotus farm, hang out with Cambodian kids, play volleyball, eat a ton of Cambodian food and street food (like snake soup, grilled mouse, and beef lok lak). Then, we visit the Night Market and Pub Street and top the day off with a sinfully delicious chocolate banana pancake and a cold Angkor beer – all for 20 U.S. dollars!

Total cost to travel Siem Reap for a full day:

Twin private room: split, 2 people = $5 apiece
Local guide: $5 apiece
Iced coffee: $0.50
Beef and yellow noodles: $2
Lotus farm visit: $0.50
Snake soup: $0.75
Grilled mouse: $0.75
Water: $0.12
Bunch of bananas: $1.22
Scallion & cabbage cake: $0.50
Beef lok lak dinner: $2.50
Chocolate banana pancake: $1
Angkor beer: $0.50 (34 cents over the budget)

TOTAL COST: $20.34!!

*If you visit Siem Reap, you must visit the ancient Angkor Wat. It’s an incredibly well maintained temple site with massive, ornate, well- preserved temples and other buildings. Admission into Angkor Wat costs $20 for a day pass, so for my fellow $20 per day budget travelers, be sure to factor this one in to the cost of visiting Siem Reap!

How we travel from city to city:

We book bus and ferry tickets ONLINE for Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. *It’s convenient, dependable, ticketless, and affordable for backpackers – Click here to book a ticket through *All opinions expressed in this article about CamboTicket are my own.

We spent more than 20 dollars in this video!

YEAH, SO WHAT, we went over the budget… Just trying to celebrate our TENTH episode of 20 Dollar Traveling! Check out some of the photos below, including my sunrise photos of Angkor Wat.

siem reap

Snake soup

Grilled mouse in Siem Reap

Grilled mouse

siem reap

Woke up at 4:30am for this Angkor Wat sunrise photo!

siem reap

Inside the massive Angkor Wat

siem reap

Ornate decorations inside of Angkor Wat

siem reap

Inside the massive Angkor Wat

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Thanks for watching! 🙂

Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. Well done! I love the line about balanced meal with prey and predator! Also it was a nice blend of rural and urban. Happy 10th post anniversary!! Looking forward to many more $20 travel adventures!

  2. Snake soup, grilled rat? Supposed my cooking will forever be boring after eating these delicacies..

  3. Kevin, you are a brave soul!! You keep trying those crazy foods for us. Oh, have more chocolate, banana pancakes! Keep us posted

  4. AWESOME I really look forward to your videos.Snake soup was so brave don’t know if I could do it !!!

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