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STREET FOOD SHOWDOWN – Ep. 2: Jidan Bing 鸡蛋饼 (VIDEO)


We eat Jidan bing 鸡蛋饼 in Shanghai for the second episode of Street Food Showdown! Two competitors. Two totally different styles of cooking. Who wins? Watch and decide for yourself!

Street Food Showdown – Episode 2: Jidan Bing


Vendor #1: three years experience, 3.5 RMB per piece (from Harbin)
Vendor #2: two months experience, 5 RMB per piece (from Zibo)

Using the simple combination of dough, scallions and eggs, two jidan bing vendors will show off two totally different cooking styles. The first is thin, flaky and sweet. The second is thick, chewy and spicy. Who will win? YOU DECIDE! Leave a comment and let me know who won the Street Food Showdown!

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  1. I would choose vendor one. Her skills made it more genuine. Vendor two just was hanging out his machine did all the work. Vendor one’s looked better.

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