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TAIPEI: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Episode 5 (VIDEO)


With the Help of my friend, Pei, we travel Taipei, Taiwan for only $20 (640NT)! We ate SO MUCH Taiwanese food and Taiwan street food, and saw a ton of cool places. Check it out by clicking here. [UPDATE: 7/29/16] Parts of this video were censored before being shared to Chinese social media and video platforms. You can view the censored version here:

We are rice congee, fried pork, milk tea, cold sesame noodles, meatball soup, a scallion pancake, fried chicken, an oyster pancake, and stinky tofu. We visited a Taipei night market and ate a TON of Taipei street food, saw Dihua Street (dry goods market), the Xia Hai City God Temple, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Liberty Square & museum, Waishuangxi, and the Taipei lookout point – ALL in one day, and ALL for 20 dollars!

travel taipei

Taipei 101 and the Taiwan flag

Total cost to travel Taipei for one whole day:

Rice congee & fried pork: 70 NT
Dihua Street: FREE
Xia-Hai City God Temple: FREE
Cold sesame noodles & meatball soup: 95 NT
Bubble tea: 50 NT
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall: FREE
Large water bottle: 35 NT
Liberty Square & museum: FREE
Waishuangxi: FREE
Taipei lookout point: FREE
Scallion pancake: 30 NT
Run bing (Taiwan burrito): 40 NT
Fried chicken: 70 NT
Oyster pancake: 60 NT
Stinky tofu (split cost): 20 NT
Gas money – 100 NT
Parking fees – 70 NT

— TOTAL COST: 640 NT —

It really was a blast driving around all day in my friend’s Mercedes. To be able to travel Taipei for an entire day with a Taipei native as my guide was a real treat. Special thanks to my friend, Pei for making this video possible!

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Author: Kevin Cook

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  1. Another great video, Kevin; thanks.
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