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Pad Kana Moo
Pad Kana Moo

(VIDEO) Thai Pork with Kale – Pad Kana Moo


Today, I ate Chef Emmy’s Thai pork with vegetables (pad kana moo) for lunch. Watch this relaxing video to see how she prepares the dish, plus my review of the meal. [WITH INGREDIENTS!]

Chef Emmy lives across the street from me in the small town of Pua, Nan, Thailand. She prepares lunch for me on a regular basis and I never get tired of her fantastic cooking. In this short video series, I’ll film Emmy cooking various dishes on her menu and list ingredients so you can cook the same dishes!

For 25 baht (85 cents) she’ll prepare any meal on her menu, dine-in or carry-out. Make it 30 baht and the meal includes a fried egg (I always opt for the fried egg). Cheap, fresh, quality Thai food is what Emmy’s place is all about. Now that’s an incentive to eat out every day.

Watching Emmy cook Thai food is so relaxing. The click-clack of the utensils against the wok, the sizzling, popping sounds of seasonings and meat in a scorching hot pan. Music to my ears. Stay tuned for more of the video series Chef Emmy Cooking if you enjoy the lulling effects of observing a chef at work.

Thanks for watching!

Thai pork with kale

Thai pork with kale by Chef Emmy

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  1. Lovely display, along with your new Thai Food videos. Can almost smell and taste the food as I watch your delightful presentations. AHHHHHH!!!!!

  2. Thanks for posting made this for dinner tonight and it was a hit. 🙂

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