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Chiang Mai: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day (VIDEO)


We travel Chiang Mai, Thailand for 20 bucks in this episode! For 20 dollars (700 baht), we got a room in a Chiang Mai hostel, ate a bunch of amazing Thai food and Thai street food, rented a motorbike, visited the Chedi Luang Wat and a ton of other temples, went cliff jumping in the “Grand Canyon,” and bought a gift for a friend at a Chiang Mai night market!

ThailandWOW! Hostel
Address: 21/1 Samlan Road Lane7, T.Phasing, A.Muang, Chiangmai
(Southwest are of old Chiang Mai city)

ThailandWOW! 2 Hostel <—- This is where I stayed!
Address: 2 Chaiyaphoom Lane 1, T. Changpuak, Muang Chiangmai
(Northeast corner of old Chiang Mai city)

travel chiang mai travel chiang mai

travel chiang mai

Entrance to the ThailandWOW 2 hostel

travel chiang mai

Kate from the ThailandWOW 2 hostel was so friendly and helpful

travel chiang mai

Thailandwow 2 hostel dorm room

CLICK HERE to book a room at this hostel today

Summer rate for mixed dorm bed is only 100 baht/night ($2.86)!
[Rates are higher during peak season*]


Total cost to travel Chiang Mai, Thailand for a full day:

Hostel bed – 100 baht
Jok gai (rice porridge with chicken) – 35 baht
Motorbike rental – 160 baht
Wat entry – 40 baht
Bathroom entry – 5 baht
Gasoline – 60 baht
Khao soi gai (yellow noodle curry w/ chicken) – 80 baht
“Grand Canyon” swimming – 50 baht
Lemongrass juice – 10 baht
Egg on a stick w/ sausage – 20 baht
Shrimp pad Thai – 50 baht
Chiang Mai sausage – 40 baht
Fried pumpkin & banana blossom – 20 baht
Small colorful bag (gift) – 30 baht

TOTAL: 700 baht ($20) for a full day!



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Thanks for watching!

travel chiang mai

Chiang Mai’s “Grand Canyon,” where we went cliff jumping!

Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. Good job Kevin! I missed Curtis the camera man though!

  2. Another good one, Kevin. 8-))))

  3. Very interesting video. I appreciated the helmet….safety first! Your guest co-host is a bit prettier than Curtis! Keep the videos coming! We love them!

  4. Awesome video Kevin! I love your Traveling for $20 videos!!

  5. Kever, you are a man of adventure and you have the joy of living. I love your posts and admire you more than than you can imagine. I too have that wandering desire. I did it for 15 years and never regretted one moment, although there were times of total complete stress. It’s innate in the McKenzie, “Cook” soul. If you have it, play it to the end. Love you Big, Uncle DD

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