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HANGZHOU: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Episode 2 (VIDEO)


Is it possible to travel Hangzhou, China for 20 dollars a day – including breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation, and transportation? Thanks to the help of my local consultant, 高峻 (Neo), I was able to see a lot of the city, eat so much delicious food, and even get a haircut and shave, ALL for 20 dollars (130 RMB)!

So I spent a full day in Hangzhou for 130 RMB ($20). Here’s how I spent my money…


Breakfast at 新丰小吃 : 馄饨(wontons) and 小龙(soup dumplings) – 17 RMB

—Address: 复兴南街分店 – 杭州市上城区复兴南街180-2号

Lunch at 吴山烤鸡 :a whole roasted chicken – 26 RMB

—Address: 杭州市上城区吴山路62号

(Snack: 3 bananas – 5 RMB)

Dinner at 卷毛儿饭店 :an assortment of dishes split between 3 people – 40 RMB/person

—Address: 杭州市上城区紫花路39号

(Bottle of water: 2 RMB)


Gas money – 30 RMB


Visiting West Lake (西湖) : FREE

Going to an American football game between the Hangzhou Ospreys and Suzhou Blue Knights : FREE

Haircut and shave: 10 RMB


My friend Curtis lives in Hangzhou so I crashed on his couch: FREE


All music by: The Passion HiFi (

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Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. When will you come to Beijing

  2. Hey great video beeg!! Those guys were so funny. My favorite part was the haircut. Keep em comin! Proud of you bee!

  3. I love this , It seems to exciting for you to travel around the world. You seem so happy meanwhile back in the states so many people work and work just to make money and they’re unhappy because they think money is the key to happiness. I love seeing the happiness that traveling and China brings to you !
    Wishing you all the best! Hopefully one day I will be in China tool!

  4. Hi, Kevin. Great video!! Can I repost it on my facebook page? And I lived in Shanghai for 4 years. Hope to see you.

  5. Hello Kevin! I am now living in hangzhou and I am a senior high school student. Do you know gaokao? It’s the entrance to college examination in Chinese . I am to take it in 20 days. The next time you visit hangzhou, I hope I can shou you around to some owesome places!

  6. Hey, Kevin
    Amazing video and wonderful place!
    May I ask you whether you r now in Hangzhou or leave to other place?
    If you are in hangzhou, let’s have a chat?
    May I ?

    • Hi Kaka,

      I’m sorry but I have already left Hangzhou and I’m back in Shanghai for now until I travel to Chengdu next month, then to Beijing in July and onward.

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