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(VIDEO) American Football Challenge (in China)


Most people in China have never even seen an American football, let alone try to throw one accurately. In this video, I’m giving random Chinese people the chance to do just that, and a chance to win 10RMB, if they can throw a football through a hula hoop on their first attempt. This is the American Football Challenge.

I saw a variety of tossing methods. The classic grandma underhand pass, the sidearm sling, and the overhead two-hand toss were among the most popular techniques. Few spirals were thrown, but given the fact that all of the participants had never even held an American football before, I was impressed. Stat: two of the winners were my students.

American football challenge

Before long, people started actually making the toss through the hoop, and I paid up. Overall, roughly 40 people stepped up, and 7 made the shot on their first try. Makes me wonder how the participants in this video would compare to their American counterparts in a similar game.

American football challenge


We had a fun time throwing the football around for a few hours with some random Chinese people. Some natural athletes picked up the throwing motion and spiral quickly, but most just threw ducks. Special thanks to my friend Mark (the guy in the Raiders jersey) for helping me film this challenge.

American football challenge

American football challenge

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  1. Hey man,

    You look like you’re in good shape! Do you spend any of your time out there working out? I studied abroad for a few months and didn’t want to waste any of my precious time abroad spent in a gym, but lost a good 20 pounds because of it. Just curious what you do to stay in shape, thanks!

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