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bus converted into restaurant

(VIDEO) Bus Converted into Restaurant in China


One of the best parts of living in Asia is discovering off-the-beaten-path, authentic street food spots. The street scene in China is characteristically charming, but few places are as charming as this bus-turned-restaurant in Rizhao, China.

Unless you’re looking for it, you probably won’t spot it. It’s so inconspicuous that I walked right by it for months before finally noticing it and stepping inside for a bowl of noodles.

bus converted into restaurant

A man and his wife live in a next-door village and run this roadside bus-restaurant free of charge. They set up this bus two years ago and have been making hardy meals here ever since. They were a couple of the friendliest people I’ve met, but I guess you’d have to be to run the coziest restaurant ever constructed.

bus converted into restaurant

The whole bus converted into a restaurant idea should be a more prominent thing. Someday I’ll probably quit everything and buy an old bus to convert into a taco restaurant in the States. I’ll set it up on the west coast with a TV in the back of the bus playing some 90s comedy VHS around the clock. You’d buy tacos from me, right?

bus converted into restaurant

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  1. That’s pretty impressive!

  2. Very nice and cozy!! My regards to my cousin Joseph McGlynn!!!

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  4. Im moving to Ri Zhao soon and would love to find this place. How can I find it?

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