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chinese candied fruit on a stick

(VIDEO) China Street Vendor Makes Candied Fruit on a Stick – Tanghulu


Today, I eat freshly prepared tanghulu (糖葫芦), a traditional Chinese street snack made of candied fruit on a stick. Watch this video to see how the street vendor prepares fresh tanghulu, then watch me sample this sweet Chinese treat.

To make tanghulu, a vendor places fruit on a stick and dips it in hot sugar syrup with sesame seeds. The fruit is coated with a thick layer of the sweet gooey mixture, then it is left to dry in the wind. Once the syrup hardens, it forms a crunchy crystalized shell around the fruit.

Chinese fruit on a stick

This street snack is very popular with children in China. Traditionally the fruit used to make tangulu is Chinese hawthorn, but in recent times, vendors are using various fruits like strawberries, grapes, mandarin oranges and cherry tomatoes.

Chinese candied fruit on a stick

This incredibly sweet and simple snack of fruit on a stick costs 3 yuan ($0.50) per skewer. In my opinion, the crispy crunchy texture is great, but it’s just a little too sweet for my palette. Come to China, try it for yourself, and let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching!

Author: Kevin Cook

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  1. Hey Kevin, cool blog. Unrelated to this post but I have to ask: Is it true Chinese spit a lot?

  2. Great videography. You give Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods a run for his money!

  3. Looks like something from the State Fair of Texas. Well, just not fried. Yum Yum!!

  4. LOL- Ilove hear a westerner say of Chinese food… “It’s too sweet!”

  5. cool video, Kevin, You and Yoko are both great comics 😉

  6. It just looks like candied apples but with other fruit.

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  9. Hey man, I appreciate you posting this. Looks like quite an experience over there!
    I teach on an online platform where I have to opportunity to teach children from China. One girl mentioned this was her favorite and thanks to you I know a little more about it!
    Do you have an opinion of hot pot?

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