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(VIDEO) Chinese Flea Market


The Chinese flea market is a place where farmers, artisans, salesmen and chefs pack together snugly to sell their wares in a giant dirt lot divided by rows of trees and small tents. Watch this video to get an up-close look at the lively flea market nearby my house in Rizhao, China.

It’s here where people converge, peddling anything from fresh vegetables and fruits, to services like a clean shave. A busy furry of Chinese faces—young and old, rich and poor—provides an up-close look at the society where ancient tradition meets modern development.

This flea market is a sensory overload of bizarre sights, pungent smells, and loud chatter among shoppers and vendors. Perhaps the only thing more impressive than the liveliness of this marketplace is the breadth of foods, knickknacks and services available.

Adjacent to the stall where you can get a fresh shave and a haircut, you can buy a chicken. Next to that stall, you can buy tobacco from the farmer. There should be more places like this in America, because then places like Wal-Mart wouldn’t be taking all of our money. Our dough should go directly to the farmer, to the average joe who runs his own business.

Thanks for joining me today as we took a tour through my local Chinese flea market. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like, comment and subscribe.

chinese flea market

Author: Kevin Cook

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  1. Looks like an amazing and fun filled experience, wish we had more markets like that here.

  2. A simpler place to live… awesome!

  3. Hi Kevin, That was a wonderful little cameo of rura? China, well done and presented. I’m teaching in rural Thailand. Probably retiring in 1yr.but who knows? I’ve visited many countries (not holidays) and will more than likely end my days here.
    All the best mate, Jim (uk)

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