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foreigners who speak chinese

(VIDEO) Can you 说中文?This Video is for You


Are you a 外国人 who can speak Chinese? Or a 中国人 who can speak English? This 视频 is for you! [Update: 5/16/16] On the Monkey Abroad Facebook page, this video has more than 250k views, mostly from students who are studying Chinese, it seems. Great support from folks who can appreciate the humor of the video!

UPDATE 5/16: One website where this was uploaded has 300k views. Click here to watch it (with full Chinese subtitles)!

Video subtitles:

I’m gonna 开始 this 视频 by saying: my 中文 is hardly 完美 and I’m not gonna claim to be any kind of 专家 when it comes to 这个语言, but I would like to 说一半中文,一半 English to 告诉你 a couple of 故事s about my 经验 with foreigners who 也可以说中文 in China. I hope you 可以明白 what I’m 说ing.

先要告诉你 a 故事 about a 时间 when I 旅行 in 新疆 :

I met a fellow 美国男人 who 问ed me where I 来自, so I 告诉ed him, “I come from Shandong,” because, at that 时间, I was 住ing in 山东日照.

然后他说: “It’s pronounced ‘Shandong. You have to use the first tone.”

This, I 已经知道, but when I 说英语 with a fellow 外国人, I think it 听起来 pretty 奇怪 when a 外国人 tries to 告诉 me that my 发音 is not very 好, because we’re 说ing 英语, not Chinese.

That’s like telling a friend that you went to Mexico city and then they told you, “Actually, it’s pronounced Ciudad de Méjico.”

Also, another 故事 involving a 外国朋友 and me when we were 旅行 in 上海: we entered the 后面 of a 出租车, and the 师傅 问ed me: “你要去什么地方?” So I 告诉ed him: “龙川北路” then he said: “好的” and then 我们走了. No problem.

But, my 外国朋友 told me: “路 is in the 4th tone.”

所以 I proceeded to 告诉 her that the 师傅听得懂我说的话 and I don’t 明白为什么 she’s trying to correct my 发音 when he clearly understood.

The reason for this 视频 is: I want to 说 I 很喜欢 when my 中国朋友们 try to 帮助我 improve my 中文, but when my 外国朋友们 try to 告诉 me that my 发音 is not very 好, I don’t 喜欢 that very much.

我有很多外国朋友们 who 也可以说中文比我好很多, and I hope 他们喜欢 this 视频. If you want to leave a 评语 on this 下面 of this 视频, I must 问 你 to leave a comment in 一半中文, half 英语.

谢谢你 for 看ing this 视频.

Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. So 蛋疼 ……
    这样 is so 困难 to 阅读…
    它 even let a 中国 person like 我 feel un-舒服…

  2. Sounds like the Chinese attitude about the proper tonal pronunciation of their language is similar to the prejudice against the Cockney pronunciation of English. The French are even more particular than the English. They view their language as a national treasure—something many Americans do not understand.. and consider arrogant.

    • I’m not totally sure you 明白 the video. I’m complaining about foreigners who give unwanted advice (when it’s not like I’m butchering the tones) and saying that I don’t mind when Chinese correct me, which they often do.

      But overall, there is a difference in English speakers and Chinese speakers addressing a second-language speaker. When a Chinese person who is learning English says ‘thank you’ and it comes out as ‘sang-ke-yoo’ I don’t step in and correct them, because I understand they are saying thank you, and that’s enough. But even if they understand what I’m saying when I speak Chinese, they will tell me I’m saying it incorrectly and encourage me to practice it right in front of them until I get it perfect. This unsolicited advice can definitely be annoying, but it’s VERY helpful. Unlike when foreigners try the same thing; then it’s just showing off (and it’s usually done by foreigners who aren’t even that good at Chinese–like me. The truly fluent foreign Chinese speakers don’t ever try to help me unless I ask them to).

  3. Why are 你 so 熟练?刚 watched 这 video in B站,我 just can‘t 把持 myself.

  4. Hi, Kevin, actually your Chinese is very good, never mind phonation, cause everyone might have more or less accents. and i don’t recommend mixed Chinese with English, because the syntax of the two languages is different, it’s not helpful for you to practice thinking as Chinese saying .

  5. How to说呢?for me一个Chinese 男孩,这真是very awesome and fun可能my grammar sucks所以please 原谅,谢谢

  6. i have the same 感受 just like you.当地人could use the most 纯正的 pronounce to correct our wrong发音,but not aliens,因为 sometimes they may wrong .

    By the way.the way which you speak in vide
    o called
    Chinesee-English (中国式英语).

  7. I like this 视频,It’s very 有趣。And it’s not 蛋疼 at all.

  8. There’re 总是 someones doing this for just 装逼。╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
    我 am totally 同意 with 你。你知道,in 中国,there’re 一些 Chinese guys combining some 英语 words when they 说 Chinese just for showing off. I 讨厌 this kind of guys who make 交流 so 困难 just for 装逼。So I 完全 agree with 你,man! ( And it’s really 恶心 to keep switching the 输入法)

    And remember this, show off = 装逼 (for both verb and noun), very native translation, you’re gonna to need this!

  9. 一年 later,I 看到 your 视频 again ,我 only 想 know that do 你学会 how to eat 腐乳 correctly?
    上个 video I watched is the 视频 你吃 stinky tofu which is actally 腐乳 …

  10. I 喜欢 your videos very much. 希望 you can come to 北京 one day. Besides, I give you a 建议 which you can 去 八达岭Great Wall by citizen railway. It only 花费 6块 to get there. 加油

  11. Hello, very high heart to know you, I was watching your video know you, but I do not speak English… I hope you have a visit to our Changsha Hunan!

  12. Hello, very high heart to know you, I was watching your video know you, but I do not speak English… I hope you have a visit to our Changsha Hunan!

  13. Dude, your 视频 is so cool, go to a foreign 国家, change the 城市 every a couple of days and try the difference of 生活, which I desire to have.

    I am a 18 岁的 boy, but at now, I already know that I wouldn’t have the 勇气 to live like you. Like many contemporaries, we are the 独生子 in our 家庭. Too much hope, expectation, duty lies on us. I have to be nerdy and geek, hide the 梦想 to see the 世界.

    Please go the distance, and STAY COOL.

  14. 哈哈哈,这个视频应该要转给身边的4A腔的中国朋友们看。

    LOL, I should retweet this to my friends that tried to use english words while talking to me in Chinese and teenagers that try to teach me english, good god!

  15. haha, it is so interesting!

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