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(VIDEO) Jianbing – Savory Chinese Crepe 煎饼


Once I came to China, it didn’t take me long to discover jianbing guozi. As soon as I feasted upon my first mouth-watering, huge Chinese crepe for only 5 yuan ($0.82), I was hooked. In this video, I show you how the masters make jianbing guozi and then I eat a Chinese crepe in the park. Watch and enjoy!

Jianbing guozi is a very popular dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner in China. I currently live in the Shandong province, where jianbing guozi originated almost two thousand years ago!

In the video, I eat a vegetarian jianbing guozi filled with kelp, potato slices, carrots, green onions, tofu and bean sprouts. All of this is cooked between two sheets of paper-thin wheat flower then folded into a snack that’s easy for eating on the go.

I eat this dish at least four times a week from the same spot near my apartment, so the women that prepare it always recognize me.

If you ever visit China, it’s crucial that you try jianbing guozi. Not only is it sinfully delicious, but it’s an opportunity to taste a food that is a part of ancient Chinese culture.

Thanks for watching!

Jianbing Guozi

Author: Kevin Cook

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  1. Not only did the food look delicious but the foliage looked pretty and air nice and clean, unlike Beijing or other major cities in China. Looks like a nice place to live.

  2. I really like your jacket beeg, I think I would wear it too!

  3. So the main question is. Who has the better Crepes? China or Thailand?

    • J,
      The crepes in Thailand were much sweeter, like dessert crepes. The Chinese crepe in this video is a dinner crepe. That’d be like trying to choose between steak and ice cream!

  4. Looks good!

  5. as she cut that crepes, I honestly wanted to grab it and eat into it. Looks yummy!

  6. Looks nice,but its not Jianbingguozi, its called Caijianbing (vegetables crepe).

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