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(VIDEO) A Brief Tour of SHANGHAI


No trip to China would be complete without a stop in Shanghai. During my short stay in the ‘Paris of the East,’ I filmed a few of the attractions and restaurants I visited, so watch this video and maybe you’ll be inspired to check out the same spots.

The Bund

Shanghai’s famous Huangpu river is the divide between the financial Pudong district and lively Huangpu district. On the Bund, you’ll find a spectacular view of the familiar Shanghai skyline.


Nanjing Lu

This long street is closed off to cars and decked out with shops and vendors selling stuff you never even knew you wanted. What Khao San Road is to Bangkok, Nanjing Lu is to Shanghai.


Anren Jie

Walking the streets of Anren Jie is like going back in time to ancient China. Amazing architecture, small shops, and snack vendors abound. And while you’re here, be sure to check out Yuyuan Garden.


Yuyuan Garden

After experiencing the crowds and intensity of Nanjing Lu, visiting Yuyuan Garden will ease your nerves. For 40 RMB, you can buy a ticket to tranquility in a more than 400-year-old lush 5-acre garden in the heart of Anren Jie.



Tianzifang is a lively marketplace within a maze of tight alleyways loaded with tiny boutique shops, art galleries and cozy restaurants.


More Than Toilet

Hidden within Tianzifang lies one restaurant that’s so odd and interesting, I had to stop in to check it out for myself. More Than Toilet is a restaurant where you can eat pancakes, ice-cream and coffee off of bathroom tableware while sitting on a cushioned commode.


World Financial Observatory

To the east of the Huangpu river is the Pudong District, which is hardly China as much as it is an Asian reflection of New York city. Here you can visit the 474-meter-tall observatory for a dizzying view of the city (if it’s not too smoggy outside).


Din Tai Fung

After visiting the observatory, stay in the World Financial Center and drop down to the 3rd floor for some grub in Din Tai Fung. This restaurant serves the most juicy, delicious dumplings I’ve ever had the pleasure of digesting.



Referred to as either the ‘Paris of the East’ or the ‘Whore of the Orient,’ Shanghai is a city where east meets west in a compromise of modernity and ancient society. The eastern Pudong Ditrict represents China’s financial power and growth while the westerm Huangpu district is a showcase of Shanghai’s colorful street and dining scene.


Pudong District, a Chinese New York City

The crowds, the food, and the all-too-familiar skyline drew me in like a moth to a flame. As a teacher living and teaching in Rizhao, a small city in the Shandong Province, it was so amazing to finally experience Shanghai. Now I know what I’ve been missing out on, and I’ll probably be moving here this coming summer.


Huangpu District, Anren Jie carp pond

Thanks for watching and/or reading.

Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. I was seduced by the same whore last November and am shacking up with her in September, paying for her pleasures by teaching in one of the public schools (yet to be assigned).

    Good luck with your search for a job there!

    • You and I might be co-teachers in September. I’m campaigning for work as a public school teacher to begin around the same time as well.

      • I signed with Pacican Academy, which has a contract to provide ESL teachers (mostly Oral English I think) to many of Shanghai’s primary & middle schools. I don’t know if they’re still hiring but let me know if you want me to get you their contact details.

  2. I’ve heard TESLing in Thailand has become a hard scrabble existence, combo of low earnings and rising costs. Do you find China to be better/different?

    • I think it’s easier to make more money in China, yes. There are so many more opportunities in China and the pay is generally higher. While the opportunities definitely exist in Thailand and other SE Asian countries, they won’t pay much more than enough for you to break even in most cases, especially if you don’t have any prior experience.

  3. Very interesting, Kevin; keed it going.

  4. fantastic video. I have only just discovered your blog but the videos are very well put together! I simply MUSt check out this toilet cafe place

  5. Fantastic work. The shots,descriptions and background score all are done to perfection. I have watched it like 6-7 times but still didn’t get bored of it. Make a similar video of Rizhao(if possible) before you leave the city.

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