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(VIDEO) Surprise Visit to America!


After nine months in Asia, it’s good to be back in my motherland. For two weeks—ample time to catch up with family and friends—I’ll be in Dallas, Texas, then it’s back to China to travel around different cities and provinces for the upcoming Spring Festival.

Perhaps the best perk of teaching ESL at a public school is that you get breaks. Long, paid breaks. I have 6 weeks off teaching, and with my Chinese work visa, I can travel in and out of China without hassle. The spring semester begins February 23rd.

My dad is the man. I contacted him about splitting a roundtrip plane ticket with me to come home for two weeks and he happily agreed to make a deal with me. This whole thing is a surprise to my mom, sister and most of my friends.

My mom started bawling like a baby when I showed up unexpectedly at her house. I’m not going to admit that I was feeling homesick, but I definitely wanted to see everyone in my home life again. Plus it’s great to speak fluent English with everybody. That’s a luxury in China.

This little trip isn’t just for rekindling old flames. The bank and the DMV are among the places I need to show my face for renewals and such. I’m mostly just living like a bum these two weeks, but I’ve got some responsibilities to keep me in check with reality.

While I’m in Dallas I’ll be taking a break from publishing to Monkey Abroad since, you know, I’m not actually abroadWhen I return to China January 26th, I’ll head to Beijing to snoop around for new muses. Then it’s back to writing biased dribble and filming videos about life in China.

See you in a couple of weeks!

Author: Kevin Cook

I post stories, videos, advice and photos about living abroad in Asia. I also eat bananas.


  1. Definitely best surprise ever. What a dream come true beeg :)

  2. “Plus it’s great to speak fluent English with everybody. That’s a luxury in China.” Worddddd

    Have a good break, Kevin! I’m sure your friends and family will be happy to see you! Enjoy some oven-baked food hehe and looking forward to your next blog posts. :)

  3. Have a wonderful break – and don’t eat too much!

  4. Yes, it was THE BEST surprise and better than Christmas! :)

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