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Wuxi, China: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Ep 19


Only 45 minutes west of Shanghai by train, Wuxi is a city that makes for a relaxing day trip when you want to escape the stress of the city. In this video, I show you how you can stroll around Yuantouzhu, Huishan Old Town and Nanchang Street, eat delicious Wuxi food and street food, and get a bed in a Wuxi hostel – all for 20 bucks (138 RMB)!

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wuxi china

Raven and the coolest old dude on the planet, posing for the camera

wuxi china

Looks so warm and inviting, doesn’t it?

wuxi china

No exaggeration: every time I see a sweet potato vendor, I buy one. This guy was no exception. 4 yuan for a sweet tater!

wuxi china

Lunch was xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and tofu soup with shredded mushrooms, miniature shrimp, and green onion. Total cost = 16 yuan

wuxi china

The scenic canal area near Nanchang Street is still a pleasant sight, even amid the pollution

wuxi china

Mini vases of Wuxi local alcohol. First thing in the morning, we had a free taste of this deliciously sweet concoction to start the day off right

wuxi china

This guy is gonna live to be 120 years old, mark my words

wuxi china

Dinner was noodles and sweet and sour pork. Total cost = 23 yuan. Also, not my best photo.

Total cost to travel Wuxi, China for a whole day:

Bus fare – 2 RMB
Wuxi wine sample – FREE
2 Yulan bing 玉兰饼 5 RMB
Green tea – 10 RMB
Tofu soup – 6 RMB
4 Xiaolong bao 小笼包 10
Bus fare – RMB
Yuantouzhu 鼋头渚 – FREE
Bus fare – 2 RMB
Sweet potato – 4 RMB
三鲜面 10 RMB
Sweet and sour pork 糖酥排骨 13 RMB
Incense burner – 20 RMB
Taxi fare – 12 RMB
Hostel bed – 38 RMB

TOTAL COST = 134 RMB ($19.46)

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  1. Great to see another video! The ending is funny, hahaha.

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