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You're Always Wet in Thailand

You’re Always Wet in Thailand


The muggy air in Thailand is seductive. You don’t want it to invade your space but it gets under your clothes and makes you wet anyways. Stepping out of the airport terminal in Thailand for the first time, the air is the first thing you’ll notice. It’s smells like an ever-present wet dog. And none of the locals seem to mind.

The weather here is just as sneaky as it is seductive. You never know when the rain will strike. One minute it’s as bright as the equator-foce sun can shine, the next, you’re running for cover from a torrential downpour. Then it’s sunny again. This combination of intense rain followed by sweltering heat creates a virtually inescapable sauna.

Rain doesn’t take any prisoners in Thailand.

It’s pouring buckets outside our Phuket hotel room at 5am. A knock at the door. Just the hotel staff waking us up for a friendly flood warning. The water is rising close to our door step. The frogs right outside are croaking louder than they usually do. Probably mocking us for our inferior irrigation.

Minutes later, the water welcomes itself into our room uninvited. We quickly gather all of our valuables and place it on shelves high above the vulnerable ground. Minutes pass and the entire room is an inch deep in rainwater. The next day, the sun emerges and the water evaporates into the air like nothing happened. Just another wet day in Thailand.

You're Always Wet in Thailand

Photo Courtesy of my friend Hamilton Graziano.

Author: Kevin Cook

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