About me

Hello! My name is Kevin Cook and I graduated from Kansas University with a degree in journalism back in May 2011. After working unfulfilling jobs for nearly two years, I decided to pursue my dream of living overseas. In April 2013, I embarked on an adventure to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in the northern mountains of Thailand. I spent half a year immersing myself in the culture and enjoying spicy Thai food before moving to eastern China.

Currently, I’m living in Rizhao, China, where I teach English to college students. My job provides me with plenty of free time to explore surrounding cities and indulge in mouth-watering Chinese food. My blog, Monkey Abroad, is all about embracing a different lifestyle and perspective by leaving your home country to live abroad. In it, I share stories, offer advice, and make ridiculous videos about living abroad and experiencing Asian culture and cuisine.

If you’re interested in living overseas and immersing yourself in a foreign culture and language, I encourage you to contact me with any questions or just to say hello! It’s as easy as packing your suitcase and buying a plane ticket. I hope to hear from you soon.