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My Experience in a Shanghai Cat Cafe


After slipping customary plastic covers over our shoes and sanitizing our hands at the door, we entered a coffee shop on the 13th floor of an apartment building in Shanghai which is home to about twenty cats.

cat cafe in shanghai

We sat down at a small table, ordered coffee, and waited for the cat experience to begin. It became clear that these fickle cats were only ready to dole out lazy affection in exchange for shredded chicken.

shanghai cat cafe

Some cats avoided ground-level perils by resting on perches above arms’ reach. Here they could nap undisturbed, totally unaware that they’re the centerpiece of a business and deserve a fair share of the shop’s profits. But since they’re cats, they probably wouldn’t know how to spend the money anyway, so it doesn’t matter to them.

cat cafe in shanghai

My favorite cat of the lot was this big grey cat with white paws. It was the friendliest, and the most aggressive when it came to snatching chicken from our fingers. One of the assistants told me that she wasn’t surprised that this was my favorite cat; it has a long-standing preference for foreigners over Chinese locals. Turns out my favorite cat is a big fat racist.

cat cafe in shanghai

Some of the cats were so ugly that it was hard to look at them without laughing. Staring into the eyes of a bored cat with a flat face, I wondered about the feline social hierarchy—whether this one was ever bullied for being so weird looking, or whether it had ever tried to escape.

cat cafe in shanghaicat cafe in shanghaicat cafe in shanghai

If you’re interested in visiting a cat cafe in Shanghai, check out Tommy之家名猫馆. Overall, it’s a fun and relaxing experience if you like cats. A cup of coffee costs about 30 RMB and cat treats and food cost about 20 RMB.

Address: 黄浦区 西藏南路765号永惠大厦商务楼1303室(近方斜路)

Phone number: 021-33160137

Author: Kevin Cook

I want to inspire you to pursue your own dream of traveling and/or living overseas!


  1. Love your site and your blog is very useful. I’ve been in Zhuhai but got a job in Fuzhou so going there shortly
    All the best

  2. Hey Kevin,

    I was just wondering if people bring their cats there to socialize or are there cats owned by the cat cafe for customers to enjoy?

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Curious you just posted this. I just recently found out about cat cafes for the first time a couple weeks ago and forgot my camera the first time. Still, maybe the best idea ever?

  4. Love your blog! I stumbled into it reserching about Thailand (I traveled to Bangkok and Phuket). I am from Perú and living in Madrid for a year and I could relate so much to a lot of what you write about living abroad !(eventhough I know Asia is totally different from Europe 😉 )

  5. Wow I have never heard of a cat café before! It’s a very interesting idea and makes me wonder if there are any dog or guinea pig cafés in the world.

    I have been keeping up with your blog and videos now for a couple of months and just wanted to leave a comment to thank you! 😀 I plan to someday travel around the world teaching, and your website serves as motivation during the tough times at uni.
    I wish you all the best in your future adventures!

  6. Hi Kevin, I’m a Chinese in Beijing. Beijing also have this kind of cafe and many other interesting things. Maybe one day, when you come to Beijing, I can show one of them to u.

  7. PLEASE PLEASE GO TO HARBIN!!! ITS SO beautiful there lol……….

  8. I enjoy the Cat Cafe in Xinmofanmalu, Nanjing. Why? Because it is fun to watch the American housecat get along with the Persians, Siamese, and Himalayans. Furthermore, I always like the coffee of the day!

    As for my cat, I got him when he was 4-weeks old, and, although he was slapped by someone at the bus stop for being curious about the approaching person, he speaks Chinese! Neehow!

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