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Chinese dumplings
Chinese dumplings

4 Best Chinese Dumplings (VIDEO)


Dumplings are a central part of Chinese cuisine. Typically a dumpling consists of ground meat or vegetable filling wrapped up in a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is sealed shut by a dextrous pinch of the fingers. But that’s not to say that all dumplings are the same. Join me as I sample the 4 best types of Chinese dumplings served here in Shanghai.

The shape, filling, and cooking technique depends largely on the area of China you’re in. Some dumplings are boiled, others are steamed, and some are fried. Some are served in soup, some are filled with soup, and others simply plop on a plate. Luckily we’re in Shanghai, an international city where dumplings of all walks of life converge. So today, we’re gonna try four different types of Chinese dumplings and you can decide which one you like the best.

Shui Jiao 水饺

This is a northern style dumpling which is rolled to look like a small change purse, then it’s dropped into boiling water for about 5 to 10 minutes before being served on a plate or in a bowl. Price: 10 Yuan per plate

Chinese dumplings

Hun Dun 馄饨

While this variety is also boiled in water, typically, hun dun is served in hot broth and is often folded into the shape of a small hat or boat. Price: 10 Yuan per bowl

Chinese dumplings

Xiao Long Bao 小笼包

Now, let’s move away from boiled dumplings and try some of the steamed variety. Xiao long bao is a Shanghai-style dumpling that is cooked in tall cylindrical containers which act like a steam chimney. Unlike the previous dumplings, this variety is not cooked in water, but instead, contains a rich, savory broth. Price: 2 Yuan per dumpling

Chinese dumplings

Sheng Jian Bao 生煎包

Sheng jian bao is the most savory variety of dumpling. Similar to xiao long bao, this dumpling is also filled with meat and savory broth, but instead of being steamed, it’s fried in a pan until the bottom side is crispy, then it’s topped with sesame seeds. Price: 1 Yuan per dumpling

Chinese dumplings

Author: Kevin Cook

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  1. thanks for sharing your experiences in china. I have traveled throughout parts of the world. your video’s make me feel like I am there with you!! keep em coming.

  2. P.S you are hilarious!!

  3. You have been missed!

  4. Yes I’ve missed your posts too! Merry Christmas from Oklahoma!

  5. Your video is very interesting !! I hope one day you can come to Guangzhou and taste the local food , which is so different than other cities 🙂

  6. Hi, I really enjoy your video. But by the way, the last two actually are not dumpling, they are more like bun stuffed by meat. Also, you can classify the second one(wonton) as dumpling even though it’s not dumpling since the way of making it is different from dumpling’s, it just looks like dumpling served in soup.

  7. This is one of my favorite videos! I’m going to reblog you. 🙂

  8. Ur so funny! There was a sweet couple sitting behind you when you were eating Hun Dun in this video, they were so cute & district me. I love ur videos! How long have you teach ESL class in China? Ur Mandarin is pretty good hun. Enjoy ur bananas Monkey ( the best benenes are from Canton, we should go eat some banana together bruh.) Email me though

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