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Grilled Squid
Grilled Squid

(VIDEO) Grilled Squid on the Beach in Weihai, Shandong


The only thing better than watching a Chinese street-side vendor cook is watching a beachside vendor cook. Feel the sand under your feet and the salty sea breeze in your hair as you enjoy this short video about cooking and eating squid on a stick.

Since I still had a couple weeks until the school term begins, I traveled to Weihai, a couple of hours north of Qingdao by bus. My girlfriend’s family has a seaside home here, and they were kind enough to let us stay for a week. That means I had plenty of time to enjoy beachside grilled squid on a stick after taking a dip in the Yellow Sea.

Grilled Squid

Every day the vendors arrived at four o’clock in the afternoon, and to many beach-goers, they had grown to become expected. The whole operation was run by one guy and his dad. They set up a tent, a few low tables and chairs, and fired up the grill. Next, dozens of people poured in from the beach to enjoy savory, chewy squid.

Grilled Squid

The squid’s texture is chewy, but the tentacles brought a nice crunchiness. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried squid on a stick. Street food stalls all over China, not just by the sea, sell this tasty treat, and it always seems to have that same spicy seasoning that all vendors in Shandong use.

Squid on a stick

Going to the beach wasn’t the only thing we did in Weihai. We also visited 乳山 (Rushan), a mountain by the sea dotted with many beautiful Buddhist temples. Visiting this region reminded me a lot of my temple visiting days in Thailand.

grilled squid

squid on a stick


Weihai was like heaven on earth. We had a free home by the beach and a whole week to do whatever we wanted. The house where we stayed had no internet, which was a little painful, but it made me put the computer down and focus on what’s really important: the real world in front of me.

Speaking of the real world, after being on vacation for two months in China, I’m going back to work soon. I’ve moved to Shanghai and I begin work in a week. More on that later. I’ll be busy as hell these coming months, but I promise to keep posting new videos and stories. Shanghai is an unlimited reservoir of video potential. Thanks for following my blog and watching my videos.

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  1. looks much better cut up then in whole

  2. Hi Kevin. You filmed really good videos. Nice to see so many Chinese street food which remind me the time I was in China.

  3. 20 RMB=2.44 USD (face palm) JK~

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