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(VIDEO) Stinky Fruit: My First Time to Eat Durian


DURIAN. This offensively stinky fruit has been on my wish list of foods-to-try. The time has come to put the durian’s rotten reputation to the test! Watch this short video about my experience with the “king of fruits” here in northern Thailand.


The durian has a very distinctive odor. Like a dumpster filled with month-old onions. If you’re within a hundred feet of a durian, you’ll smell it. In fact, the odor is so strong that the fruit is banished in certain hotels and public transportation. Some think the smell is revolting, but I think it’s aroma is sweet and inviting.


Imagine biting into a stick of butter that’s laced with garlic. That’s what a durian tastes like. It’s rich, buttery and flavorful. When you bite into a ripe durian, it melts in your mouth. It’s soft, juicy, and plump. The meat of the fruit is shaped like a little loaf. Perfectly shaped for easy eating, but your hands will get messy!


Durian is delicious. I love its strange, pungent odor and its buttery, flavorful taste. Andrew Zimmern – the host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods – can’t stand the smell or taste of durian. It’s the one food that he can’t stomach. That’s why in the video, I take a friendly shot at him.

Thanks for watching!

Thai street food

Durian, the fruit stinks to high heaven but tastes like sweet butter. It’s delicious.

Author: Kevin Cook

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  1. OMG, Kev…..I can’t believe you like that rotten fruit! John always brings home durian candy from Singapore to give to people as a joke – we haven’t met one person that even likes the candy! You’re a trooper – I can’t wait to show John this video!

  2. I remember the durian candy!!! Smelled like rotten eggs. Andrew zimmerm, you’re a poosy, loved it beeg!!

  3. How do the Thai use this food? Eat it raw like you so bravely did or use it in a dish?

  4. Kevin, great article, and it’s so good to hear you love durian too. I just can’t think of anything negative about it, even the smell stimulates me!

  5. Nooooo Kevin you’re so so wrong… haha… Durians are very delicious!!
    However durians in Thailand do not have very strong smell… come to Malaysia and you will know how the ‘real’ durian smell is like… our durian species has stronger smell haha.

    Leh, Malaysia.

  6. try Durian chips!!!!!

  7. great introduction Kevin

  8. LOLS!!! we go crazy over this!!! LOLS!!! my mom then hates durian and can only manage to eat the ice cream… since we later then had a durian farm, she would even bring a few of those… i even remember the first time our durian plantation bear fruits… since it’s quite costly specially when not in season, we were eating a whole lot of it (bad idea), later that day it was hot as hell and we were sweating like crazy! it’s meant for the mountain hikers really to avoid the cold… and not a good idea to eat too much if you’re hypertensive… doesn’t smell like rotten onions though… more of that perfume fahrenheit gone bad… LOLS!!! smells like gasoline

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